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Frontier Army

Made in Belgian. This is a .44-40 six shot revolver. This model was sold in the later 1800’s to compete with Colt and S&W. Many people could not afford the big price of a Colt so this was a much less expensive alternative. These were listed in the first copies of the old Sears catalogues. Beside firing the .44 Winchester cartridge, they would usually fire the .44 Russian cartridge which many S&W’s used. Works in double action and single action. Top of bbl. is marked,  “Frontier Army” . Although they were never used by any army this title fanned the imagination of buyer that they were buying something like a Colt Army model. Ejector rod retracts from the hollow cylinder pin like many European pocket pistols. Original hard rubber grips. It is said this is same as the gun George Armstrong Custer used.


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