NBC Universal claims ownership of Sundown Special Long episode titled LARAMIE

PROOF! All our actors are Top Notch and Bob Terry’s creating, writing, producing, directing, cinematography, acting and editing skills are exceptional! NBC Universal thinks their team produced this episode! VERY INTERESTING! PROOF SUNDOWN IS AN AMAZING SERIES! NBC Universal has claimed it owns Our special extended 43 minute version of Sundown that is titled LARAMIE. The youtube channel it is hosted on now has a copyright strike and is in very bad trouble and the video has been taken down as of June 17th! Thanks for the complement NBC Universal but we will be in contacting you! This is a bit flattering but NOT FUNNY! Copyright infringement is a serious issue! Which is what NBC Universal is claiming here! Copyright fraud is also a serious issue! Which is what NBC Universal is committing here!

Sundown Laramie episode claimed by NBC Universal Studios