Return to The Stars of Sundown – The Online Western Series

Sam Yoder

Sam Yoder plays The Kid in the western web cast series Sundown.
Gabriel Reese aka Kid Reese / Hezekiah Reese.


Sundown western series Sam Yoder


Sam has been referred to as perhaps the best horseman in the western series Sundown’s cast by another cast member. No stranger to Horses, Sam’s raising made saddling and harnessing horses part of his everyday life! Thus the reason Sam looks so at home in the saddle. Sam has Cowboyed in many states including Hawaii. Sam is also a talented Wood worker owning his own furniture shop for Log Furniture! Yoder Brothers Log Furniture . Sundown is not Sam’s first acting but is the first series he has been involved in!

People’s dreams and goals don’t come true cause they don’t want them bad enough… Sam Yoder

Cup of coffee in my hand, cinnamon rolls baking in the oven, reading everyone’s depressing and complaining post on FB, I say CHEER up people… life is great!!!!

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