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Johnie Terry

Johnie Terry Plays J.T. O’MARA in Sundown the Online western web series.


Johnie Terry & Bob Terry in a scene from Sundown the Western Web Series

Johnie is a talented musician playing Guitar, Standup Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle and several other instruments.
Johnie Started her acting career at the TOP as the starring roll in the Cowtown Opry play The Perils of Sweet Stockyards Sue western play for the Cowtown Opry Gala Melodrama many years ago.

The first horse Johnie was in contact with was one her father brought home after winning the animal in a poker game. Born in Texas As a little girl Johnie almost never wore shoes! Partly because of her family not being able to afford a lot of things and partly because she didnt want to wear them! The Youngest of 7 children Johnie’s father worked the oil fields and for many years of her younger life the family lived in a house without running water and many other hardships. Johnie worked as a waitress for years to help fund the Musical Instrument business that her and her husband have owned and operated since 1987. A dedicated wife and mother Johnie is also co owner of Wild West Toys and Westerns On The Web . Wild West Toys has been featured on several television shows including Texas Country Reporter and How It’s Made. Johnie also spent 2 years almost every night helping her Husband Bob build the Log Home they now live in! Another tidbit about Johnie is that she is an amazing cook! Taught by her grandmother to cook she started cooking for the large family at the age of 8 years old! So she is no stranger to the aspects and difficulties of pioneer life! Adding authenticity and first hand frontier knowledge of the character of J.T. O’MARA.

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