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Sundown TWO FACES WEST episode 4 Original western webisode series

Sundown TWO FACES WEST episode 4 Original western webisode series.

Injured and their horses gone Jim Lane and Bob McLynteck have to make a plan!

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Sundown-BOOTS-AND-SADDLES-episode-17-Original-western-web-episode-webisode-series SUNDOWN-EP-18-Cover-BOBBY

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Sundown TRACKDOWN episode 14 Original western webisode series

Sundown FRONTIER DOCTOR episode 15 Original western webisode series

Sundown FRONTIER JUSTICE episode 16 Original western web series

Sundown BOOTS AND SADDLES episode 17 Original western web series

Sundown DUSTY TRAIL episode 18 Original western web series

Howdy and welcome to Sundown the western series official website! Thanks for riding by! The way this classic style western came into being is I got tired of saying – WHY DONT THEY MAKE MORE GOOD WESTERNS? So I instead of waiting for THEY or THEM to make a western I decided to produce a western series and Lord willing this could be done! Well here it is! I also want to thank all of our wonderful cast and crew that have put so much into Sundown! I ALSO WANT TO SAY – WHETHER I HAVE $2.00 or $2,000,000.00 TO RUB TOGETHER I PLAN ON MAKING WESTERNS! CLASSIC STYLE WESTERNS THAT THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN WATCH TOGETHER! Again welcome to our website and we really hope you enjoy our show and ride back here often!

Bob Terry.

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