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Johnie Faye Taylor

Johnie Faye – Wallace – Taylor


Johnie Faye Taylor and Bob Terry behind the scenes on the set of Sundown the Online Western Series

The Mother of 7 children and a hard working woman! Johnie worked as a fry cook and bartender along with many other restaurant jobs and other jobs. Working hard all her life Johnie did not get into acting until she was in her 70’s, years after she had retired and was on disability!
Johnie is one of the most Amazing people I have ever met. She has had a large impact on my life and always will! Not only because she is the mother of the love of my life but because she taught me many things like what it is to be loving and very giving. She has been my biggest fan in every venture I have gone into. It was very important and wonderful to me to include her in things that made her excited and happy to be a part of. When we filmed her for an episode of Sundown she told me it was the most fun she had ever had! That made me feel 10 feet tall because I owe that lady more than I could ever repay! I will miss her the rest of my life but not forever because we will be together again in the presence of the Lord. Several years ago she dedicated her life to the Lord and was Baptized. Ever since then she has been a strong minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There were two things that made her want to get better and that she spoke of while being so sick. The big important thing she was concerned about was that she had not won everyone to the Lord that she was concerned about. She was an avid minister of the Gospel good News of Jesus Christ! An example of how a Christian should behave in loving others and being concerned with their eternity. The other thing she was constantly talking about was getting better so she could do more western movie filming with her son in law. This made her nurses think she was in lala land until they saw her videos online and her photos she had which she would autograph and gladly give away. I love her very much and this was a great joy to me! We talked about several things to film together when she got strong enough to do it again and she was very excited about that and it really gave us something fun to talk about. But the Lord called her home. Her mind and hearing never wavered! She was one of the toughest people I have ever met! Her body was sick and in such pain for a long time and I do thank God that she is not in pain anymore. Maybe a little over a day before she passed from this life she told me that she saw Michael the Archangel hovering outside her window over the parking lot and he asked her if she knew who he was ? She said I know who you are! But I am not ready to go until I see Bob and Johnie again! Then she told me – And he didn’t argue with me!

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour I pray you will find Jesus is the door to everlasting life and provides happiness and comfort here on earth that defies humanistic understanding.
Bob Terry

Johnie Faye Taylor, 75, went to be with the Lord on Oct. 8, 2013, in Azle Texas.

Memorials may be made to the John Wayne Cancer Institute, Public Affairs and Development Department, 2200 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Johnie was born Sept. 30, 1938, in Bluffdale Texas to the late Troy and Opal Wallace. She was a devoted Christian giving numerous Bibles to others, sharing the Gospel, being a faithful prayer warrior, and a member of the Crossroads Baptist Church. She loved her children and her grandchildren were her pride and joy. Her care for others was always foremost in her mind and her positive outlook touched many lives. She was a piano player for years and learned to play the flute at the age of 70.

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