Return to The Stars of Sundown – The Online Western Series

Bobby Miles

Bobby Miles Plays Ben Reese in The Western Web Series Sundown. Bobby Miles is first and foremost a Husband and Father! Bobby is also an amazing award winning horse trainer! In his younger days he worked on several large Texas Ranches as a Cowboy and Horse trainer! Later becoming more of an Entrepreneur and from then on working for himself. One of Bobby’s first ventures was to ride out and train horses for whoever couldn’t or did not want to handle there own rough stock equines. With his slogan THE BUCK STOPS HERE! Bobby has literally rode the rough out of hundreds of horses! Bobby has also won countless horse training trophies and ribbons. Horseman first and Actor second Bobby Miles adds authenticity and quality to the Cowboy and Western aspect of Sundown. Look to see several surprises with Bobby Miles in store for Season 2 of Sundown the Western Web series!


Bobby Miles Horse Trainer on Fancy Dancy Dun at The 2014 Fort Worth Stock Show

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