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Jessie Del Robertson

Jessie Del Robertson as Jessie Banks in Sundown the Western series.


Jessie Del Robertson the Outlaw and Miss Devon Dawson

Jessie is an award winning Duo of the Western Music Association Harmony Duo competition, Miss Devon and the Outlaw, in true western style, could be stirrin’ up the most dust between here and the chuckwagon camp! They appear at ranches ‘n rallies, rodeos ‘n railroads, dances ‘n dog shows, fairs ‘n festivals, convalescent homes ‘n conventions, cowboy gatherings ‘n cowboy churches, salons , saloons, ‘n schools, surprise parties ‘n weddin’s, bar-b-ques ‘n buckboards, shoot-outs, cookouts ‘n campouts, horse barns ‘n house concerts, museums ‘n motor clubs, libraries ‘n little folks’ birthdays, so give ‘em a holler!

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