The Guns Of Sundown

The Guns Of Sundown. This page is dedicated to show the variety of Guns of the Old West Firearms Used in The Webcast Western Web Episode Webisode Series Sundown. While the single action army was Superior in most ways to all the pistols at the time it was not the only pistol used in the Old West! So Sundown has a variety of Colt Firearms as well as some reproductions and some vintage rare guns. Some of these firearms brands and model can be seen on Internet Movie Firearms Database – Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games . Also call IMFDB .


Colt Bisley 45


Colt 45 seven and half inch barrel


Colt 45


Colt 1877 DA Lightning


Colt Bisley 32 WCF, Once belonged to Roy Rogers


Colt DA 1877 Thunderer


Colt Single Action Army 45


Colt SA 45


Colt Thunderer 1877 DA 41 cal.


Colt US ARMY MODEL 1894 REVOLVER 38 Double Action


Frontier Army 44 Late 1800’s Double Action


Plastic Colt SA copy prop gun


Richland Arms 12 gauge shotgun


richland arms shot gun


Rugar Vaquero stainless steel 4 3/4 inch barrel


Savage model 99 cal 25 / 35


Savage model 1899


Smith and Wesson 32 cal double action pearl grips nickel plated from late 1800’s


American Gun-Company sawed off shotgun


American gun co 12 gauge


Bob Fuller’s Colt Single Action Army loaned to Tony Gill for his Character – LARAMIE in Sundown. Bob used this Colt pistol as Jess Harper in the western TV show Laramie.


Pearl gripped Colt 38 pistol


Colt 45 Manufactured specifically by Colt MFG for Bob Terry for season 2 of Sundown


Bob Fuller Colt 45 Single Action Army Pistol

Robert Fuller Colt 45 Single Action Army Pistol. Used By Tony Gill’s character (Laramie) in Sundown. Bob and Tony are good friends! When Bob learned Tony would be in the western series Sundown he offered to loan Tony his Television used Colt Bob starred in 121 episodes of the western TV show LARAMIE as Jess Harper and …

Colt 45 Pistol manufactured specifically for Bob Terry for use in Sundown the western series season 2

Colt 45 Pistol manufactured specifically for Bob Terry for use in Sundown the western series season 2! This Model – P1850 Single Action Army 5.5 inch Barrel, 45 Colt Blue / Color Case Finish Model P was manufactured specially by Colt Firearms Manufacturing Company for Bob Terry to use while portraying BOB McLYNTECK in the …

Frontier Army

Made in Belgian. This is a .44-40 six shot revolver. This model was sold in the later 1800’s to compete with Colt and S&W. Many people could not afford the big price of a Colt so this was a much less expensive alternative. These were listed in the first copies of the old Sears catalogues. …

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